I remember that when my parents opened Las Golondrinas in 1989, Doña Guillermina and Jorge Velasco, an engineer, knew very clearly what they wanted for the hotel, what it would be and what would distinguish it from other hotels.

It would be a place where the leaves of the plants brushed our guests' skin, where flowers cheerfully showed off their beauty, and where tile roofs, reeds and innumerable details of woodwork would provoke feelings of pleasure, tranquility and comfort. They wanted a hotel that offered an experience of warmth, affection and cordiality.

Thus everything became easier, because a dream inspires, and a dream transforms our thoughts into images.

They worked hard. It seems like yesterday that my father would return almost daily from the nursery on the road to Etla in the famous red truck, loaded with containers filled with brightly colored flowers and trees that would grow in the hotel patios. Sacks of earth arrived with their characteristic woodsy smell and were piled up. Later, skilled hands were responsible for transplanting each plant jewel into artisanal pots, like those purchased in Atzompa from the great clay artist Dolores Porras.

Renovating every room while respecting the original architecture cost us a lot in every sense, but my father's engineering and ingenuity succeeded. The hotel started to look splendid, with a balance of shapes and spaces, keeping the stone, brick and adobe walls in certain areas, always seeking a rustic and Oaxacan style.

Because the hotel was formed by bringing together two former residences, each room was different. So you will find rooms with little patios or one with a small terrace; some are roomier and others more intimate and bright. This is what's wonderful about Las Golondrinas; you can't say that your room was like that of any other hotel. It couldn't be.

Las Golondrinas opened in 1989 and since that time we have had guests who visit us every year, like the swallows that always return. The hotel's name is no coincidence.

We leave you with a bit of the poetry of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer:

The dark swallows will return

To hang their nests on your balcony,

And, again, with their wings at your windows

They will play and call...


               Double with (Double bed/Two single                                    beds)................................$800.00

               Double with King size bed...$900.00

               Triple.............................. .$900.00

Hotel Las Golondrinas, Tinoco y Palacios #411 Centro Histórico. C.P. 68000 Oaxaca, Oax., México. Contacto.